6. Left Hanging – Toilet Letters 

There’s high fives, hand shakes, and waves. But there is another gesture of mutual respect which is often overlooked. The brow raise. 

Look i get that having to quietly slip your hand back into your pocket after being denied the satisfaction of a hearty shake is embarrassing. And of course having to pretend you were actually waving at the wall rather than someone you thought was a friend, is slightly uncomfortable. 

But i fear not enough people are aware of the torment encountered during a missed or delayed brow raise. 

The poor giver of the raise is usually left, brows flexing eyes squinting, hoping and praying that the reciever will return the favor and kick an eyebrow or three up.

I myself have experienced the immensely powerful feeling of deciding when this moment of torture will end for someone. A guy was walking past me, as is common in a sausage party. 

He caught my eye, and quickly engaged his best brow raise. He was straining to keep those thick slugs of hair against his hairline. I could see the terror in his beady eyes. I was left with two decisions, partake or deny. 

I partook. 


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