4. Hitchhiking – Toilet Letters 

If you’re ever in need of an adventurous way to travel the countryside, there can be no subtitute to rollerskates. However, if you’re among the group of travelers in society with a noticeable thumb and various questionable payment methods, there is another way. Hitchhiking.

There arent many things seperating a hopeful hitckhiker from just some random person trying to be hit by cars. Well, there are many things. But I dont know all of them, I do however know one main factor commonly attributed to a mobile homeless person. An extended thumb.

One would think that flicking your thumb at passing cars wouldnt have a chance of getting you a lift in a strangers car. I mean cars are personal, especially to the owner. So you could forgive their protectiveness. You would, however,  be misguided in this thought. Thumbs are persuasive and their ability to flag down a moving vehicle is uncanny. 

Now i myself have never hiked the hitch as many times as i am about to profess. But trust me when i tell you that I’ve hitchhiked once before. 

It was a strange, yet somewhat familiar predicament in which i had found myself. 

Wandering down unknown roads, passed by strangers curious as to why a man in a newly-pressed suit was kicking a tumbleweed through the dirt. I had accepted my fate, i was a wanderer. But then i discovered the thumb. 

The humble, stumpy, unassuming thumb. This thumb saved my doomed soul. It allowed me to ride in the back of a van securely tied up to a small pig, i have never felt more safe.


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